Simple and powerful

Easy to use Interface

Search and manage your clients, policies, objects and payments. Sales workflow (proposal, acceptance, policy, payment) is made very easy for client and for salesperson.

Easy customisation

Getting started is quick and easy – the way it should be. Customise your insurance software interface by adding your logo and selecting a colour scheme to make Insly like your own. No need to worry about development time and costs.

Online Cloud Storage

Insly is web based software, available anywhere and anytime. You don’t need to worry about hosting, backups or other software management related problems.

Customer Support

We have an online Customer Support ready to help you at a moment’s notice.

Finance management

Reporting Management

Reporting Management features allow you to track, cross-sell and up-sell for more efficient customer retention and servicing. You can monitor your sales, easily manage insurer reports and commission. Insly Insurance Software has reports prepared for the FSA in several countries and can add yours too.

Debt Management

Insly Insurance Software Debt Management helps you manage overdue invoices by sending automatic reminders to clients. Debt management is customisable according to insurer rules.

Accounting & Billing Management

Accounting & Billing Management is simple. Receiving payments and supervising all monetary transactions can be organised easily through Insly Insurance Software.

Here are some of our accounting features:

  • Automatic invoicing and e-mailing
  • Complex invoice creation with multiple insurance products on one invoice
  • Automatic payment mapping with invoices
  • Insurer premium mapping and payment management

Process management

Renewal management

Renewal Management Feature automatic reminders on our dashboard help you to start the renewal process on time, making sure that all policies will be renewed. Insly Insurance Software also includes fully automated renewal process for standard products.

Document management

We keep all policies, objects related documents and photos online, so you can access them at any time.



Our API is an easy-to-integrate system which lets you add functionality to almost any web application. Its possibilities are limitless.

There are several extra modules to make your work more efficient

  • Calculator for multiple premium calculations
    It makes thousands of calculations with a couple of clicks.
  • Policy import
    Our web service allows you to import policy data and documents from insurer systems.
  • Document import
    We can easily read and save all the pre-defined data from scanned documents.
  • Partner assets management
    You can administer insurance agreements of all your partner (i.e. bank or leasing company) assets.

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