Insly basics

With the following beginner-friendly tutorials, you will learn the basics of Insly software.
In case you need further instructions or individual training, please contact our support agent.

Get started and basic elements

Working with customers

Working with policies

Working with invoices

Working with payments

Basic reporting

Insurer reporting

More videos

Introduction. Basic areas

Customers. List and card details

Policies. List and card details

Invoices. Mass generation and mass sending

Invoices. Single invoice creation and invoice card

Payments. Adding payment manually

Payments. Multiple payments for invoice

Insurer reports. Report card and connecting installments (1)

Insurer reports. List of reports and adding insurer invoice (2)

Insurer reports. Commission consolidation and broker invoice (3)

Customers. Add new customer

Customers. Customer data managment

Policies. Add new policy

Policies. Issuing invoice for installment

Policies. Installments and fees logic

Policies. Termination of the policy

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