Software for Managing General Agents (MGA)

Have you ever thought about making your MGA products better accessible to your broker and agent network and eliminating inefficiency from the distribution chain? Sure you have! Just have not found an effective, flexible and cost efficient way to do this – you are not the only one as so far it did not exist in the market.

Wholesale insurance distribution software does not need to be expensive, complicated and you do not need to pay loads of money and wait several months to have your products configured in existing old school IT systems. Insly MGA software is a completely new cloud-based solution that eliminates all of the above mentioned problems.

Product Distribution

Automate your

Getting your innovative insurance products to market has never been easier! Insly MGA software can support your distribution in various ways.

Empower your Broker Network

Give your brokers the ability to quickly quote and bind your products. But why stop there? With Insly MGA software your brokers can have their own system complete with policy and customer administration, customer invoicing and their own MI reports while you enjoy full control and visibility thanks to data sync and automated underwriting controls. You set the rules, we make it happen.

Sell from the web, manage in Insly

Have a good front end customer experience, but lack the admin and MI capabilities? Maybe it’s time to put two and two together and integrate your websales with Insly. We’re happy to discuss connecting to your existing web-sales facility or building one according to your needs. See also Insly CloudSales

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Product Build

Tailored to your

The adaptability of Insly MGA Software allows us to truly take your products online. No product is too simple or too complicated and there are no geographical restrictions. Some of the more advanced features include:

  • Complex premium calculators (and by complex we mean that hundreds of variables in a multi-section product is not an issue)
  • Customisable underwriting workflow complete with internal and external referrals
  • Sophisticated binder management section with user-definable limits and coinsurance functionality

Fast & agile development

Fast and Agile development with quick turnover rate and highly competitive pricing should make us your go-to partner for bringing new products to market.

With over 15 years of experience in insurance IT, our team has developed hundreds of insurance products for various insurance markets worldwide.

A) Simple Product Build

1 to 2 weeks

B) Extensive Custom Development

1 to 2 Months

Contact us today for pricing information and find out how Insly can work for your company.


Security and

Top of the industry security protocols mean Insly is secure. With administrator controls you can define additional layers of security according to your need.

Complete Audit Trail

Amidst increasing compliance pressure transparency of records is key, which is why every action you perform on Insly is logged for audit and review purposes.

Who is already using Insly MGA software

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Contact Us

If you would like to know more, contact us today to set up an online demo or meeting in our London office. We are happy to discuss your requirements confidentially and in detail.

Märtin Kosk

MGA team leader

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