Claims Management

Why is claims management software so important for insurance brokers and agents? Today’s insured, having experienced a loss usually turn first to their insurance agent or broker for help. After all, the insurance broker led the client through the complex insurance-buying process; therefore, he or she must be equally capable of handling the complexities and potential problems associated with settling a claim. At the very least, the insured expects that the insurance broker can guide them through the process, providing sound advice along the way.

Many brokers have operated merely as a liaison between the insured and the company adjusters. That role has usually been an informal one, with the broker following up with the carrier to expedite settlement while keeping the insured informed as the process unfolds. In the insurance marketplace, good insurance brokers are always looking to differentiate themselves from the competition. Demonstrating a better-than-average understanding of the claims process can help a broker retain valued existing customers and impress new prospects.

So what’s the solution?

Insly Insurance Claims Management Software is a cloud-based claims processing software solution that provides a modern, innovative, and configurable solution for insurers, insurance brokers and insurance agents. The user-friendly interface is intuitive and helps remove the barriers to user adoption.

Who is already using Insly Claims Management Software?

Who is already using Insly Claims Management Software? We just started in London market in the beginning of 2014 and our biggest client AFL Insurance Brokers is using Claims Management Software feature in Insly:

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